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    Foshan Hongpeng Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd is located in China largest hydraulic distribution center - Foshan, the company formerly known as Foshan Tian Guang Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd, started early in the training of technical personnel of the company in 1999, seeking stable cultivation of new and old customers, the manufacturer, the accumulation of sales experience, understand the market, develop the market in 2013. The company registered in Foshan Hongpeng Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd., the main production and sales of hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, circuit block, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic components, the company set the development, production, sales.

    The company since its inception, after ten years of rapid development, the comprehensive ability is increasing, in product design, manufacturing and customer service service has accumulated rich experience in practice, and on the basis of absorbing the domestic and foreign advanced technology, to enhance the quality of products, widely used in grinder equipment, drawing machine. Four column press, machine tools, injection molding equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, environmental protection equipment, printing and packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, rubber machinery, paper machinery, construction machinery, coal machinery, chemical machinery, food processing machinery, engineering machinery and factory automation production lines and other industries and fields.
    Company objective: "to create a first-class production line for the efficient operation of enterprises."." The company to strict management, advanced production technology, high-quality products, good after-sales service received unanimous praise of customers. The company advocates the concept of people-oriented, respect for talent, has a high-quality management team, the team has a good technical background, has many years of industry experience, for the majority of customer service, is our glory.


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