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Types of faultshydraulic systemsmatters needing attention

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One fault type
According to the characteristics of hydraulic transmission system, the hydraulic system of hydraulic excavator can be divided into the following types:
1) hydraulic system flow is insufficient (hydraulic pump oil shortage), each execution element movement is slow, weak.
2) the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic system is low, and the actuating elements are incapable of operation or no action.
3) leakage in hydraulic system (hydraulic pump, control valve and actuating element hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor, etc.), which makes each component work bad or no action.
4) leakage outside the hydraulic system, that is, hydraulic components, hydraulic accessories and pipelines (especially the joints) have obvious leakage, resulting in hydraulic
System oil shortage, oil pressure reduction and environmental pollution.
5) hydraulic system vibration and noise, excavator operation or operation of its hydraulic components or piping vibration and noise, resulting in bad work or mechanical damage.
Two diagnostic sequence
The above types of trouble should follow from the outside to the inside, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, from individual to general principles at the time of diagnosis, proposed diagnostic sequence is as follows: (a data access system and manual operation, maintenance records, etc.) to understand the failure before and after digging machine work - external check test observation - internal layout inspection system (see diagram of hydraulic system) - inspection instrument (pressure, flow, speed and temperature etc.) - Analysis and judgment - dismantling, commissioning, repair - adjustment - Summary record. Among them, the pilot system, relief valve, overload valve, hydraulic pump and oil filter are the components with higher failure rate and should be checked.
Hydraulic excavator hydraulic system fault diagnosis, as shown in the following figure.
Three cautions in fault diagnosis
Attentions should be paid to the diagnosis of hydraulic system faults in hydraulic excavators:
1) avoid blind disassembly. Before the failure is determined, the method of disassembly can not be used for inspection.
2) pay attention to the correlation loop. The combined circuit of operation should be linked, analyzed and judged.
3) hydraulic motor does not turn, in addition to considering the oil pressure, flow factors, the brakes, clutch and other mechanical factors
Should also be comprehensive consideration.
4) adjust the hydraulic system (circuit) work pressure, must operate according to regulations. In the diagnostic test to no-load, and if the oil pressure has been set to 60% of the rating, but still no action, should be stopped voltage adjustment, to be re checked and analyzed, to confirm the cause of the fault after adjustment.
5) the tools and environment should be kept as clean as possible during diagnosis, disassembly, and repair of hydraulic components.
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