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On the use of vane pumps (gear pumps)matters needing attention

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In addition to the management of vane pump to prevent idling and no oil pressure, prevent inhalation into air and vacuum through the large, should also pay attention to:
1. gear pump (vane pump) turn change, then its suction direction is also changed, vane pump has a specified steering, is not allowed to reverse. Because the rotor blade groove is inclined, the leaves are chamfered, the bottom of the blade and the oil discharging cavity, with an oil throttle slot and suction and discharge is established by turning to design. The reversible vane pump must be specially designed. 2., disassembly should pay attention to the work site cleaning environment, work should ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. 3. vane pump stator assembly with oil pan and positioning pin for correct positioning, blade, rotor, the oil pan is not anti loaded, the inner surface of the stator suction zone most easy to wear, when necessary, can be installed to make the original flip, suction zone into a discharge area and continue to use. Influence of axial clearance 4. vane pump of V. 1) small pump -0.015 ~ 0.03mm 2) medium pump -0.02 ~ 0.045mm 5. in leaf blade gap in the groove of the excessive leakage increase is too small, the blade can flex freely will lead to work properly. 6., oil temperature and viscosity should generally not exceed 55 degrees, viscosity requirements between 17 ~ 37mm2/s. Too much viscosity is difficult to absorb oil; the viscosity is too small, the leakage is serious. As a pump product, vane pumps refer more to sliding vane pumps. As soon as you're interested in Baidu search, the vane pump almost all refers to the vane pump.


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