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Treatment method of water inlethydraulic system

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The hydraulic oil is polluted and polluted, and the contaminated oil is milky white. It is preliminarily judged to be caused by a large amount of water in the hydraulic system. Therefore, it is decided to clean the hydraulic system of the whole machine and replace the hydraulic oil.
1. oil-water separation
Considering that the replacement of hydraulic oil or continued cleaning may require a higher cost, the study decided to use the oil and water separation to remove moisture from the system.
The specific steps for oil and water separation are as follows:
(1) for a number of clean oil, 1 clean Sheng Sheng Piao, 2 gas tank (gas filled), 2 gas stove, 2 clean and free of rust metal barrels, 1 thermometers and some cotton cloth with a nap.
(2) from the main pump suction pipe, once released most of the deterioration of the system hydraulic oil, respectively, into the 2 iron drums for heating (2 barrels of packaging is to shorten the heating time). When the oil in the oil tank rises to 78~82 degrees, turn off the flame and let the spoiled oil cool down slowly. Because the density of oil is smaller than that of water, oil and water will automatically separate (oil on, water below).
When the temperature drops to 68 to 72 DEG C, first gently scoop Sheng 4/5 upper part of the oil deterioration within the system and then join the scoop, the remaining 1/5 mixture of oil and water poured out of storage, the heating barrel with dry cloth for subsequent use.
(3) start the excavator to do the compound action, let the hydraulic oil temperature rise to 50 degrees centigrade, each action may not be less than 50 times, the time is not less than 30min. After the compound action, the oil in the system is all released and poured into the heating barrel for heating. Continue the compound action according to steps 2 and 3 and cycle back and forth more than 5 times. Note that during the cycle, new fluids are added to the system.
(4) finish the last 1 cycle action, the hydraulic cylinder, pipeline hydraulic fluid flow back to the tank maximum. When the engine is out of flame, release the hydraulic tank, hydraulic cylinder, pipeline, running motor and the oil in the accessory.
2. oil-water separation effect
Connect each pipe joint and add the hydraulic oil released to the factory standard. Start the hydraulic system until the oil temperature reaches 50 degrees, let the machine run for 1 hours, observe the oil is pale yellow, clear color.
Continue to use 10 hours later to observe the oil, did not find its metamorphism, oil color is still clear, indicating that the oil has been basically normal. Subsequently, the machine was tracked and no oil deterioration was found again. At this point, the deterioration of the engine oil has been thoroughly solved. It is also proved that the oil and water separation method is effective under limited conditions.
3. preventive measures
According to the actual situation analysis, such a large amount of water from the hydraulic tank can only enter the mouth, is likely to be caused by misoperation. The hydraulic tank cover of this machine is simple and has no protective lock protection. In order to avoid misoperation again, the hydraulic fuel tank lid is fitted with a protective lock.
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